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Benjamin A Wilcox, MBA

Expertise in integrating operational business strategy and improving systems and processes; delivering enhanced customer service through the use and exploration of emerging technology; implementing innovative initiatives that lead to quality outcomes and sustainable results.

Creator & Publisher of Free Internet Applications - A website offering unbiased reviews of FREE Internet Applications, Programs & Services. All applications reviewed may offer benefits professionally and/or personally but must relate to improving processes, tasks, and/or outcomes.  Apps do not require any downloading or installing, work on any computer operating systems and web-browser and do not require technical skills or knowledge.

Founder of Performance & Quality Improvement (PQI) Network - Committed to exploring ideas and concepts that enhance Performance & Quality Improvement processes for companies, their customers and the communities they serve.  Originally developed as a network site for professionals undergoing accreditation on Performance and Quality Improvement.

Always seeking opportunities that provide new challenges, utilize and build upon my current talents and promotes professional growth and development.  

A seasoned leader with vast experience working within complex systems, government funding and regulations, project management, technology integration, organizational development and process improvements that strengthen the workforce and key business initiatives while enhancing quality outcomes and customer service. 

Strategic Planning, Technology Innovation and Integration, Performance and Quality Management, Process Improvement, Resource Management, Data Analysis and Evaluation, Leadership and Coaching 
Field: Profit and Not-for-Profit, Private and Public Corporations/Organizations, Government, Education and Health Care 
Experience: Sixteen years 


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